4 (very good) reasons why you need to prioritise more orgasms in your life

4 (very good) reasons why you need to prioritise more orgasms in your life

As you know, this month we're talking about all things Women's Health. This week we decided to take some advice from Sexuality Educator and Sexologist Lauren French on all things sex.

Lauren is a Melbourne based, proud First Nations Woman, Sexuality Educator and Sexologist that advocates for prioritising self pleasure and normalising conversations around sex. Here, Lauren gives us 4 (very good) reasons why we all need to prioritise more orgasms in our lives!

Here they are:

1. Pleasure

Stating the obvious here, but climaxing feels pretty damn good and feeling good is more than enough of a reason to be having regular orgasms in my book!

2. Better Sleep

During orgasm your body releases a bunch of hormones; vasopressin, oxytocin, prolactin & serotonin to name a few! These epic hormones can help us feel way more relaxed and even have better REM sleep. ⁠ So maybe instead of a glass of warm milk, we try a new method of getting to sleep tonight! ⁠

3. Clear Those Nasal Passages

So orgasm = sleep, but what about a stuffy nose? ⁠ The rise in adrenaline levels and constriction of blood vessels during hot and heavy (or soft and gentle) arousal and orgasm can actually help relieve the pressure in a stuffy nose. ⁠⁠Got a headache from nasal congestion? Grab your fave sex toy to start feeling better!

4. Preventative Health

So we’ve got pleasure, better sleep and clear nasal cavities, but could orgasm actually keep us healthier? ⁠A few studies have indicated a correlation between more frequent ejaculation and a lower incidence of prostate cancer. Similarly, a planned parenthood report suggests that studies may show a link between orgasm on your period and lower incidences of endometriosis. ⁠So, not only can we actively help our health, we can do some preventative work too!

If you want some more very useful info around sex and pleasure, visit Lauren’s Instagram page here - https://www.instagram.com/lauren.french.sexologist/