Best Ways to Consume Collagen beauty food

4 of the Best Ways to Consume Collagen

To give your skin a boost, choosing the right ways to consume collagen is key, says wellness expert Libby Babet.  

Collagen! It’s all everyone is talking about right now, and for good reason. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. The way collagen works is that it helps the connective tissue function properly. It's found in your hair, your skin, your nails, and is the main protein in your connective tissue, which basically connects your whole body. And recent studies suggest that consuming it (as opposed to lathering it on via exxy skin creams) is the most effective way of gaining the most benefits from it. Here are four ways to do just that:


Collagen Powders

What are collagen powders? Collagen that is consumed via a powder that dissolves in liquid. Most people use scoops of these supplements in their daily smoothie, a protein drink or even coffee.

Pros of consuming collagen powder: As it’s a powder, you can add it to pretty much anything, so it’s very versatile.

Cons of consuming collagen powder: Not all powders include vitamin C, which is essential for helping our body absorb the collagen effectively. Some companies add extra chemicals and ingredients to the powder, which you may not want.


Collagen Bars, Bites, Cookies and Snacks

What are collagen snacks? A snack like Beauty Food Cookies made with ingredients designed to give you energy and keep you full, with a bonus side of collagen. These can be eaten before or after training, as a 3pm snack or even as a late-night snack.

Pros of consuming collagen snacks: They are easy to carry in your bag or keep in the cupboard, there is no preparation and they are already designed to be the right portion.

Cons of consuming collagen snacks: Not all snacks include vitamin C and some can contain high levels of sugar. Look for ones like Beauty Food, which are made from national ingredients (including vitamin C), low sugar and high levels of collagen.


Collagen Tablets

What are collagen tablets? Collagen tablets are once-a-day gelatin capsules that are designed to be ingested with a glass of water.

Pros of consuming collagen tablets: Capsules are a no-fuss option with no preparation needed.

Cons of consuming collagen tablets: Some capsules can leave an after taste and remembering to take your tables can be challenging, plus you need to take quite a few tablets to get a decent serve. Not all capsules include vitamin C.


Liquid Collagen

What is liquid collagen: A liquid form of collagen that can be taken as a shot or added to recipes.

Pros of consuming liquid collagen: This form of collagen can be added to smoothies, drinks and recipes that aren’t affected by excess liquid.

Cons of using liquid collagen: Some liquid forms of collagen include different ingredients, and liquid form collagen requires preparation time unless you want to take it like a shot. Depending on your preferences and the taste, that can be quite challenging.

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