Celebrating Mums: Lisa Kelly

Celebrating Mums: Lisa Kelly

In the lead up to Mother's Day we're sitting down with some inspirational mums to learn a little bit more about them and their journey through motherhood. We sat down with Lisa Kelly, mother of 4, including triplets!

Who’s in your family?

So there’s 6 of us in our ‘little’ family, Brad, myself, Xavier (4), Ruby, Airlie and Paloma (15 months) BUT we have a rotation of help. Namely my mum, dad and Bruna (a girl who comes to help) and Brad’s sister Llara who thankfully lives next door. It’s like a regular little commune!

What is the biggest challenge of being a mum?

Being ‘everything’ to ‘everyone’. I have Xavier who has just turned 4 who needs his mummy and needs to feel ‘heard’ as well as fighting for attention with not 1 but 3 younger siblings! I have the girls who are completely mad - they climb on everything and I can’t be in every room they are so I find myself spinning around all day trying to protect them from themselves! My husband, trying to be a good partner to him - especially the times we all have when it’s easier to lash out rather than be patient (it’s a work in progress). There’s just not enough of me to go around and some days that gets on top of me, other days - the good days - I laugh!

What has been your biggest achievement as a mum?

Some might say it would have to be ‘having triplets’ but I actually think it would have to be surviving the first year of triplets, with a 3 year old! I mean wow, that first year - no sleep (and trust me, I mean no sleep), managing the emotions of Xavier who was still 2 when they were born, keeping our marriage alive, managing never being alone from either the babies or people helping, that was just so hard. But we did it - myself, Brad, our families and support systems, as well as complete strangers doing the kindest of things. Everyone contributed to these girls thriving (and my surviving!) so that would be my greatest achievement!

What has shocked you the most about being a mum?

The fact there is 4, that I am responsible for 4 children! I cannot tell you how much that plays on my mind. Like how? How will I do this - but then you do! Plus their personalities and seeing them all hang out, that's beautiful!

Your biggest lesson as a mother?

I've been trying to make it a priority of late to be more 'me'. As a mum it’s so easy to lose your sense of identity so carving out the time for ‘me’ which, trust me, is nearly impossible! I try to do weekly pilates to strengthen my physical body but recently I’ve been branching out my Instagram a little lately to include more fashion and lifestyle content. Until I am ready to go back to work, this has been giving me a ‘creative outlet’ to feel more like myself and I can’t tell you how amazing that has felt! I love working with brands!

What one piece of advice would you give someone about to become a parent?

Be kind to yourself and learn to say yes to any help (that is actual help) when offered. You will find your village and these people will become your family, see you at your worst but be there for your best moments too. It's such a beautiful experience and I feel grateful to be able to share it with everyone as it feels like a blessing.