Five healthy snacks from beauty food

Five healthy snacks that’ll make you look and feel good!

Got the 3pm munchies? We feel you. Beauty Food co-founder, Libby, gives us the run down on her top 5 super-healthy snacks that'll satisfy your tummy and make you look great! 

We all feel like a little 3pm snack from time to time, but instead of reaching for a packet of chips or a chocolate bar (both of which will make you feel hungrier in the long run), try one of these quick bites!

1. The Mid-Afternoon Energy Hit: Nut Butter and Banana Snack

Feeling a little sluggish? You need an energy hit from this super healthy snack! All you need is a peeled banana and a tablespoon of nut butter. You could try peanut butter, almond or even macadamia nut butter. The B Vitamins and potassium in banana will really energize you and the nut butter that will help stabilise your appetite hormones. Plus, it’s seriously delicious.

2. The Stress-Busting Drink: Homemade Turmeric latte

Instead of your usual caffeine order, whip up a warming turmeric latte and help reduce any lingering stress-related digestive issues. Just pour a cup of milk or dairy-free milk into a saucepan with a teaspoon each of maple syrup (or stevia), coconut oil and ground cinnamon. After stirring, add a half-teaspoon of ground turmeric and a pinch of pepper (trust me!). Simmer on the stovetop until warmed through. This perfect all-weather drink is full of antioxidant goodness and can help with digestion and inflammation too.

3. The Healthy Skin Pick-Me-Up: Beauty Food 

Got a hot date tonight and need a little skin boost? Snacking on collagen can help you look (and feel) younger. That’s because it’s the most abundant protein in the human body, and the most effective way to replenish your body’s collagen stocks is by consuming it. Luckily Beauty Food comes in tasty flavours like velvety 'Choc Chic' and crunchy 'Peanut Nutter'. This snack will curb your appetite and keep your hair, skin and nails looking fresh and healthy at the same time.

4. The Brain-Boosting Smoothie: Super Green and Berry Smoothie

Give yourself a little brain power in the middle of the afternoon with an ice-cold green and berry smoothie. Just grab a packet of Nuzest Good Green Stuff, a cup of frozen blueberries, a third of an avocado and some unsweetened almond milk or coconut water, and blend. This combo will kick-start your brain in no time!

5. The ‘I just need chocolate!’ snack: Healthy Choc-chip Cookies

When only chocolate will do (yep, I have those days too!) these cookies are my go-to afternoon treat. They are vegan, super tasty and really easy to make. Just mix together a cup of oats, one ripe mashed banana and a sprinkling of low-sugar dark chocolate chips. Then, make them into small cookie shapes and bake them in 180-200 degrees for 10 minutes. The oats will help you feel full because they are packed with fibre, and the banana will give you an energy kick as well. The best part? They taste just like a naughty treat… but aren’t that naughty at all!

Oh and fun fact…Your metabolic hormones actually only catch up to your digestion about 20 minutes after you eat something. In other words, you won’t feel full straight after you eat one of these, so my keen tip is have one portion of a snack and then just wait. If you're still hungry after 20 minutes, then go back for more.