How to Get Stronger Nails

How to Get Stronger Nails

Up your nail game with these simple lifestyle changes

There’s nothing worse than having frail, chipped and torn nails… however, with a few simple lifestyle changes, including eating the best foods for healthy skin, hair and nails, you can turn your nail game around in no time! 

Look after your cuticles

Your cuticles are there to protect your nails from infection, plus cuticles can also help maintain the health of your nail bed. Don’t remove them or push them back to reveal more nail, this will only lead to your nails becoming less healthily and potentially open to infection. 

Consume collagen

What is collagen? It’s basically the substance that holds our cells together and it’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. And as such, adding more collagen to your diet will help to produce stronger, longer and less brittle nails. The most effective way of replenishing our collagen levels is to consume collagen via foods containing collagen, collagen protein, collagen powder or collagen supplements. A super easy way of upping your collagen intake it to consume collagen healthy snacks or collagen protein balls.

Ditch the manicure

The harsh chemicals in nail polishes, gel finishes and nail treatments can damage and weaken nails, especially if you do back-to-back manicures. By ditching your regular manicure you’ll be giving your nails a chance to breathe and recuperate. Addicted to colour? Look for non-toxic nail polishes and remove them with acetone-free polish remover.  

Up your water intake

One of the best ways to ensure strong nails is to keep your hydration up (the rest of your body will love you for it too). Our nails need moisture to avoid being brittle, easy to break and slow-growing, and adequate hydration will encourage growth, strength and length.

Eat beauty food

Our diet has a huge effect on the quality of our nails, so it’s important to focus on the best foods for good nails. In general, nails need enough protein to produce keratin (which makes nails strong) so it’s important to eat protein-rich foods, as well as food with amino acids, such as eggs. And don’t forget the ’good fats’ of omega 3 – add olive oil and avocado to your diet as well.