How to Get Thicker Hair

How to Get Thicker Hair

Five easy steps to luscious locks  


We all want to feel like we’re in a shampoo commercial but feeling stressed, not eating well and generally burning the candle at both ends can have an effect on our hair. Healthy, bouncy hair may start to look dull, thin and wispy. 

Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can take to help your hair become healthier, appear thicker and feel lusher. Here’s how:

Step 1: Change your habits

The first step is to take a long hard look at your daily habits and how they affect your hair. Washing your hair everyday can dry it out, likewise using a hot curler, straightener or blow drier can make hair brittle and fragile. Instead, turn down the heat, only wash your hair a couple of times a week and invest in a silk pillowcase. It’ll save your hair from being tangled and damaged as you sleep. 

Step 2: Go organic

The harsh chemicals in commercial shampoos and conditioners can actually strip your hair of its natural oils. By choosing organic and natural products for your hair – from shampoos to styling gels – you’ll help reduce the damage, plus the extra nutrients will boost the health of your follicles too!

Step 3: Eat better

What we eat can have a huge affect on our hair, but thankfully you can eat specific foods for good hair. The more nutrients we consume the healthier our locks will be (start by lowering those sugar cravings). One of the most important nutrients to consume for overall hair health is collagen. But what is collagen? Well, collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies. It's the main ingredient in your hair, (as well as your skin, nails, and, most importantly, connective tissue, which basically connects everything in your body). And interestingly, studies show that you’ll reap the most benefits from consuming it, say in a snack or collagen powder, as opposed to a collagen cream.

Step 4: Treat your hair

Our hair takes a bit of battering throughout the week, so every weekend treat your hair, follicles and scalp to a hair mask in order to put back a little of the moisture that escapes each week. For a homegrown solution, try rubbing castor oil into your scalp to help revitalise the skin and give your hair shine. Don’t forget to rub off any excess oil though…

Step 5:  Fake it, til you make it

While you’re waiting for steps 1-4 to kick in, consider investing in any hair products that are designed to add volume. Try leave-in conditioners and styling products aimed at creating the illusion that you have thicker hair.