Libby’s Pre & Postnatal Nutrition Tips

Libby’s Pre & Postnatal Nutrition Tips

Beauty Food Co-Founder and mum of one, with baby number two on the way, Libby Babet shares her wisdom with us this week, on all things pre and post natal health. Here she gives us her top nutrition tips!

Prenatal Nutrition Tips from Libby:

  • If you suffer morning sickness in the first trimester (as I always do!), it can be hard to eat much, other than crackers and dry toast, but the good news is that’s FINE. Your body will cope well enough if you have a few months of not-so-great nutrition in that initial period.

  • When you get your appetite back, all you really need to do is eat for maximum nutrient density – just focus on real foods (vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit, etc) rather than processed foods (pasta, cereals, crackers, chips, sweets, chocolate). Your baby will be fine, but your body will be depleted. A pro once told me, “your baby takes from your body’s pantry and your job is to refill that pantry, so you have something left for your postnatal recovery."

  • A good prenatal supplement and some Omega 3’s can also be really important during this time.

Postnatal Nutrition Tips from Libby:

  • It’s easy to become depleted during the postnatal period and sometimes difficult to digest your food well enough to absorb all the nutrients you need, so focus on warming foods that are packed with restoring proteins and nourishing vegetables, like stews, congees and broths, bakes or delicious soups and slow-cooked meals - perfection!
  • Hydration is particularly important for breastfeeding mamas, so make sure you up your water intake and eat hydrating foods like fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • See your natural health pro to get recommendations for appropriate supplements that work for you, but typically things like a good pre/postnatal specific vitamin, some Omega 3’s and potentially magnesium or B-rich liver capsules may be suggested for recovery.

  • Collagen! Not to toot our own horn, but collagen is incredible for tissue repair, so it can be a great tool postpartum – our collagen cookies are awesome to have on hand!

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