Libby’s Top Hacks for Pregnant Skin

Libby’s Top Hacks for Pregnant Skin

Beauty Food Co-Founder and mum of one, with baby number two on the way, Libby Babet shares her wisdom with us this week. Here she gives us her top hacks for pregnant skin!

Libby’s Top Hacks for Pregnant Skin:

  • Eat your collagen, aka Beauty Food! Collagen strengthens joints and ligaments, supports skin health as you grow and stretch and may help your body with the physical load

  • Ask a skin pro for personal advice. I have no idea why people talk about the ‘pregnancy glow’! For me, it’s a time of spots, pigmentation and feeling kinda puffy in the face! This time around I asked The Clinic to recommend products for my skin type and my spots cleared up almost instantly, plus I’ve avoided new pigmentation developing!

  • Use the PMD Beauty Clean Body Brush – the skin all over your body needs some extra love during pregnancy and I’ve loved giving the skin of my legs, butt and arms a circulation boost with this epic electronic body brush!

  • From Mooi + U I’ve used the Retreatment Botanics Restore Serum, which is such a lush face oil to use by itself if you have dry skin, or if you’re more combination-ish like me, I like to put a drop into my hyaluronic acid and mix it in. It’s a beautiful product for balancing the skin!

  • La Roche-Posay is the home of my go-to sunscreens, they’re all (very!) safe for use in pregnancy, which is great because your skin can become more sensitive to sun damage. Their Wet Skin range is also awesome for when the kids arrive!

  • I love the pressed mineral makeup and bronzers from Jane Iredale for a quick, easy cover-up that’s natural and easy to apply without any mess! It’s GREAT for pigmentation or sensitive skin and is also an extra layer of SPF protection!

Take Libby’s word for it and get your collagen supply here