More Collagen Myth-Busters!

More Collagen Myth-Busters!

Last month we broke down some of the most common myth-busters around collagen! This month, we thought we’d ask our resident Nutritionist and Beauty Food Co-Founder Veronika Larisova to give us 3 more.

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1. Collagen is only good for your skin

Collagen supplementation has been proven to benefit not just your skin, but also tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues, including bones and the gut lining. While numerous studies concluded that collagen supplementation improves joint health and healing by increasing the strength of the connective tissues within joints (ligaments and tendons), some recent studies also found that collagen peptides enhanced recovery following eccentric exercise. Other studies found collagen beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Did you know that collagen is also effective in making cellulite disappear? Age and hormone-related declines in collagen production affect the connective tissue under the skin. As the tissue becomes weaker and less elastic, the fat protrudes into the skin layer and makes it look lumpy. A study on the topic indicated that regular ingestion of collagen peptides for six months led to a clear improvement of the skin appearance in women suffering from moderate cellulite.

Furthermore, collagen can help to save your bones, as it's been proven to have a positive therapeutic effect on osteoporosis and osteoarthritis with a potential increase in bone mineral density.

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2. It doesn't matter when you take your collagen supplement

This can be true if you take the supplement for both your skin and gut and your diet is low in sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, if you like fasting, or if you want to improve your joints, heal from injury, or increase athletic performance, consider this:

  • Collagen breaks the fast because it contains calories. While black coffee is not likely to break the fast, it will if you add collagen to it.
  • If you want to heal your tendons and ligaments or increase their strength, you will need 5-10g of collagen, 30-60min before strength training to achieve the desired outcome. Studies say that taking collagen afterwards will not make much difference to your joints. Sugar inhibits collagen absorption, so if you have a sweet tooth and eat treats every day, don't have collagen at the same time.


3. Collagen supplements will work regardless of your lifestyle

Stress, tobacco smoking, a high sugar diet, processed foods, alcohol, and excessive UV rays cause significant collagen damage. Sitting at the beach all day while eating doughnuts and sipping on beers, will destroy the collagen you naturally have and reduce the supplement's absorption. Remember that supplements are here to provide a little help, not to make up for a poor diet and lifestyle. Avoiding the above collagen slayers as much as possible, maintaining a healthy diet supportive of skin health, muscle recovery, healthy hormones and healthy bones, sleeping and hydrating enough and exercising regularly must come first.

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