How to shake up your beauty routine

How to shake up your beauty routine

We invited Sydney based Naturopath Jaclyn Cave to join us for 30 days of Beauty Food this month, and show us how to Shake Up our Beauty routine!

Jaclyn specialises in hormones, fertility, skin and adrenal health, utilising a range of tools through her naturopathy practice including nutrients, herbal medicine, movement, and lifestyle education.

Throughout the month, Jaclyn will be sharing tips and tricks, recipes and advice, as well as key information like debunking myths surrounding collagen.

To kick off the month, we asked Jaclyn for her top tips on how to Shake Up your diet to incorporate collagen. 


Here they are:

1. Into your hot beverages

Start with ½ teaspoon and add into your coffee, chai or hot chocolate

2. Baked into desserts

Powered collagen makes for an excellent addition to your baking adventures!

3. Added into bliss balls

The nut butters are perfect to amp up the nutrient density of your 3pm snack

4. Stir through yoghurt

Swirl the nut butter through yoghurt, and add in cinnamon, cacao nibs, and sweetener (optional) for a decadent tasting dessert

5. Crumble the cookie over your smoothie bowl

My personal favourite at the moment! Time to start shaking things up Beauty Foodies!