Thriving, not just Surviving! With Ashli Templer

Thriving, not just Surviving! With Ashli Templer

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Have you looked at the ingredients in your current skin care? Chances are, if you can’t pronounce it... you should probably denounce it. Enter Ashli Templer. Creator of Yours Only skin care, as well as her own content agency: Pep Creative.

After years of dealing with food intolerances and skin conditions, Ash was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease (a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid). She continued to struggle finding products that suited her body’s needs, that weren’t allergen friendly. So naturally, she did it herself.

1. You launched Yours Only during Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne last year. Did it make it easier or harder under such limiting conditions?

Ahh, don’t remind me! I was planning on doing some kind of launch, and it obviously didn’t happen, which was frustrating, but I didn’t mind too much because it took off the pressure of trying to create something big. A lot of people were at home on their phones, and it was in the middle of winter, so people were keen to discover new things, and nourish their skin so that helped me gain good sales and traction at launch.

2. What was your big ‘a-ha’ moment that ultimately birthed Yours Only?

I have always had a big love for skincare and beauty, and when I was diagnosed with a salicylate intolerance three years ago and had to switch up my entire routine, I was pretty bummed. I couldn’t find anything that was cute and for sensitive people like me. I remember messaging my Dad saying I wanted to start my own skincare brand, and he was like ahhh, that’s too hard. From there I accepted the challenge and birthed Yours Only.

3. As the owner of a skin care brand, what's your take on collagen?

The evidence is there that it is amazing for you, so go forth and make that skin glow if it works for you!

4. Was it challenging creating a brand that suits all allergies and skin conditions?

YES. I had so many chemists knock me back and say it was too hard to make what I wanted. Not only is it hard to develop a skincare product for sensitive skin, it was almost impossible to do it without salicylates, parabens and sulfates – but I got there!

5. Do you adjust your skin care routine during colder/warmer months?

Not really to be honest. My arms and legs are dry all year round, so I wash with Yours Only CLEAN and nourish with Yours Only COAT daily, which keeps me in check throughout all seasons. I use both on my face too, which I love!

6. Funniest beauty experience you’ve had?

Putting so many layers of fake tan on, it took three hours to scrub it off – I was obsessed back in the day!

7. If you could see one celebrity using Yours Only, who would it be?

Kim Kardashian! She has psoriasis, and I would love to nourish it with COAT. We can dream.

8. Favourite TV Show you’re binging right now?

The Hills New Beginnings, season 2 – long time fan! Ha.

9. What is it about Beauty Food that you love the most?

I love that it’s female founded and everything is backed by science. There are so many health brands that don’t have legs to stand on an Beauty Food really owns that!