Thriving, not just Surviving! With Isobel Stewart

Thriving, not just Surviving! With Isobel Stewart

We've curated a group of strong, thriving women in all areas in health and wellness - from fitness to beauty, to nutrition and coaching - to give you direct access to everything you need to thrive through these challenging times! 

Up first, we hosted her at our recent Beauty Food Retreat, and we just couldn’t get enough! Isobel Stewart is a Confidence Empowerment Coach who helps ambitious women, and business owners, to overcome perfectionism so they can confidently become their truest selves.

We recently interviewed Isobel, mum of two under the age of three, for her advice during lockdown. 

1. How is life in lockdown, especially with a newborn and a three year old?!

Messy and busy! Haha both my bubs have been at home sick so life has definitely required extra energy from me than usual!

2. You mentioned you’ve recently implemented some simple health and wellness practices for yourself during this time. Can you share those with us?

Yes - I realised, particularly with sick bubs and a lockdown, that I was limited as to what I could do fitness wise and I was beginning to feel drained easily so reaching for the wrong types of food to get my energy. So as a way to regain some energy I implemented these practices into my week.

#1. As ironic as it may sound, I have started getting up an hour before the boys so I start the day with time to myself. I make a coffee, have my breakky and read/work/have a long shower. Seriously a game changer for me with the boys at home, it really energises me for the rest of the day by starting on the front foot.

#2. Batch cooking so that I have meals all week! This includes delicious, healthy snacks to help me stay away from the wrong foods which only causes me to crash quickly and instead of maintaining my energy which is what I need. Mainly it saves me time and energy at the end of the day when the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. I recommend a slow cooker!

#3. At home workouts! I’ve just brought my stationary bike back upstairs to get my workout in while watching my favourite episode of Suites or The Letdown. I do this after the boys are asleep and can get my work/me time and fitness in at the same time. There are so many quick online workouts you don’t need any equipment for that only take 20-30 mins (or less) for anyone trapped at home!

Side Note: Here's 2 weeks of online workouts free from our founder Libby Babet!

#4. It may sound strange but I set weekly intentions – like goals but a little less strict. It’s a guide of what I want to do with my time and how I want to be. So I'm really focused on being present with the boys when they're awake instead of getting frustrated with the juggle, and remind myself this is only temporary.

3. Any book/podcast recommendations? 

Absolutely! I have so many recommendations, but my top would have to be How to do the work by Dr Nicole LaPera the Holistic Psychologist - I have bought 20 copies so far and given these away to clients and friends. As a coach, it’s my bible and something I feel everyone should read in order to break old patterns. I also love Comparisonitis by Melissa Ambrossini, Atomic Habits by James Clear and Winging It by the legendary Emma Isaacs.

4. What makes you truly feel like you’re thriving?

When I feel energised, on top of things and in the drivers seat; for me this looks like moving my body and eating good food, being in routine and knowing I can handle whatever comes my way. This includes having a mindset that can pivot and compassion for myself if things fall apart. This is a big reason why I get up before my kids because thriving to me is when I feel like I’m running my day and the days not running me essentially. To do this I make clear plans & prepare where I can.

5. Easiest and most challenging part of lockdown with two little ones?

Easiest is not having to get them out of the house by a certain time and being on a schedule - definitely less tantrums and a general sense of calm. Most challenging for me is the house being a constant mess and entertaining my little one without relying on Peppa Pig or Cocomelon (which usually leads to mum guilt).

6. What is one thing you don’t currently do for yourself, but you would like to?

I absolutely love swimming and really miss that. With having a newborn and being a single mumma it’s been something I’ve not prioritised. I find it really relaxing because there are no distractions; its just me and my thoughts. I find I’m most creative when I have space like this.

7. Best quick snack on the go for a woman as busy as yourself? (besides Beauty Food of course!)

Hands down bliss balls. Packed full goodness, variety in flavours and fun to make with my Mr 3.

8. Dream Dinner party - 3 guests, dead or alive, who’s coming?!

Tony Robbins, Brene Brown and Jay Shetty - if you know me, then you know I love nothing more than a deep conversation and I’d be guaranteed that with these 3.

9. Favourite Beauty Food recipe?

Collagen Caramel slice for sure!!

10. What’s one thing you would encourage us to do during this lockdown, to make us feel like we are thriving!

Be kind to yourself! Often, the most stress we feel comes from the pressure we place on ourselves and in a time like lockdown, it’s so important to adjust our expectations. Having unrealistic expectations is the quickest way to feel like we are just surviving instead of thriving. There’s so much we can do when we can shift our mindset or let our expectations go. For example, start thinking what can I do instead of focusing on what you can’t. This simple shift in your thinking with make you feel more energised and less stressed throughout this time. It will also allow room for you to get creative with your time while at home. Perhaps you can clear your wardrobe while you have the time at home, read that book you’ve been meaning to or have a wine over zoom with an old friend etc - use it as an opportunity to do the things you haven’t had time to before.

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