Thriving, not just Surviving! With Meg Yonson

Thriving, not just Surviving! With Meg Yonson

We've curated a group of strong, thriving women in all areas in health and wellness - from fitness to beauty, to nutrition and coaching - to give you direct access to everything you need to thrive through these challenging times!

Meg Yonson works as a recipe developer, art director, producer, food stylist, qualified nutritionist, graphic designer and all round creative thinker. She's been working professionally in the food space for 10 years creating highly-engaging food content that spans across print and digital platforms.

We touched base with Meg while she’s also in lockdown, to see how it's impacting her work, life and creativity.

1. How is lockdown life treating you?

Originally I was quite frustrated, but now I'm enjoying the more relaxed days and a time to reset.

2. As a qualified nutritionist, and recipe developer, have you found your own eating habits impacted from the stress of our current circumstances?

During my last lockdown over Christmas (I'm in Manly), I felt a bit sorry for myself and ate a lot of takeaway, didn't exercise and ate a lot of treats. I felt so sluggish and not myself at all! This lockdown I have more time on my side so I've been able to commit to eating well and exercising, a better frame of mind also helps!

3. Have you found this time inspiring to develop new recipes and content? Or not? Either is okay!

Yes! I've had basically the 2 full weeks of work cancelled, but I'm still waking up at the same time everyday creating new things. I have a few very very exciting projects in the works so I'm able to spend more time on them than I was going to be able to, so I'm seeing the cancelled work as a positive! It's nice to not feel so frantic and to slow down and create for the sake of creating.

4. What have you done to prioritise the health of both yourself and your work during this time?

I joined a gym a few months ago, and I've committed to going 4 times a week, no excuses! It helps set up my day so I make better choices for the rest of the day. I also got a puppy since the last lockdown, so I'm forced to take him for a walk a few times a day which really helps to keep me active. In terms of work, I'm using this down time to work closely with my accountants and get on top of accounts and business stuff - it's particularly good timing due to the new financial year.

5. Top 3 favourite places to eat in Australia?

The first three to pop into my mind were:

  1. Kazzi in Manly Beach. My favourite spot at the moment near home for legit Greek food. The octopus is insane!
  2. Anywhere in Hobart. The Agrarian Kitchen, Etties, Lucinda, Sonny, Fico, etc etc! It's all so good.
  3. Food over a campfire. Cook anything on a campfire while outside and it will taste better than any fancy restaurant in my opinion!

6. If you could only eat one cuisine of food for the rest of your life...what would it be?

To eat out: fancy Italian. To make at home: Just anything modern Australia - sausages, fish or chicken with a seasonal salad is my simple vibe at home.

7. Favourite recipe you’ve created recently?

I said this on my Instagram a week ago, but I really love the Chickpea + Peanut Butter Curry I made with the Beauty Food Peanut Nutter Nut Butter. It's sooo creamy. I've been making it often as a quick vegetarian meal at home since I developed it.

8. Your best quick cooking hack!

The more you cook, the more efficient you'll be!

9. Weirdest flavour combo worth experimenting during lockdown?

Strawberries and sumac.

10. Best nutritional advice you ever received?

Not really advice, but realising you need to take your health into your own hands. Do your own research, experiment with different foods and supplements, try out different types of exercise until you find a way of living and moving that makes you feel alive and energetic. And this will change throughout your life, it's a constant work in progress.