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What to Look For In A Collagen Snack

5 things to look for in your collagen snack

When you’re looking for that 3pm snack, that late-night munchie or that mid-morning pick-me-up choosing one that will make you look and feel good is a no brainer. Collagen bars and snacks are a great choice as they help boost the supplies of collagen in your body… but how do you decide on the best one for you?

Wellness expert Libby Babet shares her tips for finding the perfect collagen snack bar! "Well, when it comes to what I put in my body, I’m super aware of the ingredients of everything I eat. So when I’m picking collagen bars, I look for five things:"


1) Low sugar content – There have been loads of studies showing how harmful high levels of processed sugar can be to our health, so choosing a bar with low sugar is really important. Sugar also actually breaks down collagen in our bodies and it encourages your body to get rid of magnesium, which is an essential mineral.


2) Vitamin C – There are two important reasons why it’s good to consume vitamin C in our snacks. One is that it helps us heal, form muscle tissue, collagen and blood vessels, and fight malnutrition. Secondly, vitamin C helps our bodies form collagen and store it. However, our bodies don’t produce vitamin C, and we can’t store it either. So it’s important that we include it in our diets on a daily basis.


3) A high percentage of collagen – Even though consuming collagen in food is one of the most effective ways to benefit from it, not all protein bars contain a high percentage of collagen. I always try to choose a snack that includes high levels of collagen, like Beauty Food, so I know that I’m actually getting the goodness I need from my food cravings!


4) Natural ingredients – I’m a big believer in eating as cleanly and naturally as possible. Highly processed food contains large amounts of sugar and salt, and usually some ingredients I don’t want in my body! Whereas natural ingredients offer our bodies more easily accessible nutrients and goodness. Essentially, I want my snack to be packed with as many natural ingredients as possible!


5) Great texture and taste – Let’s not fool ourselves, if our 3pm snack isn’t delicious, it just makes us want to have a 3:30pm snack, a 4pm snack and a 5pm snack! What we fuel ourselves with has to have a great taste, texture and be just the right size. Beauty Food cookies ticks all those boxes for me!