Dark Choc & Peanut Nutter Bites

Dark Choc & Peanut Nutter Bites

Here's a delicious guest recipe from Jaclyn Cave. Two ingredients - say no more! We love this recipe because it’s so scrumptious and is prepped before you can say “Peanut Nutter”!

Makes: 10 bites
Products used: Peanut Nutter Nut Butter
Dietaries: gluten-free, dairy-free
Sugar: 1.43g of added sugar per serve


What to do

  1. In a saucepan, melt dark chocolate on very low heat, stirring regularly
  2. Pour the chocolate into ice cube trays to about 3/4 full
  3. Add about 1 tablespoon of Peanut Nutter Nut Butter into each cube
  4. Sprinkle the top with salt (optional)
  5. Pop into the freezer and leave to set for a few hours, or overnight
  6. Once set, remove the ice cube tray out of the freezer, and run hot water down the back of the tray. Then gently pop out cubes. Store in a container in your fridge or freezer, pending on the consistency you like best!