Beauty Food

About Us.

Beauty Food all began when I sat down with my good friend and nutritionist, Veronika (Vee). I hadn't eaten since the day before, I was tired and in desperate need of food. I hadn't had time to cook, let alone shop. In between being a mum, I'd been doing my best to run my small business and I had a million missed calls from my team and customers.

I was complaining about how hungry I was, how little time I had and lamenting a lack of convenient options that didn't have loads of artificial thickeners, fillers, sweeteners, sugar alcohols or way too much sugar from dried fruit.

"I need something that doesn't require prep, that I can pop in my bag as I run out the door, that's healthy and filling so I can last until my next meal," I said wishfully.

"Well, you'd need something with plenty of nutrients, protein and good fats. I'd make it with nuts to keep the sugar low and fill you up," said Vee, moving into her typical nutritionist solution mode.

"What kind of protein would you use?" I asked.

"Maybe a good quality whey or a pea protein," Vee suggested.

"Whey doesn't agree with my stomach and I don't love the taste of pea," I said.

"What about collagen?" replied Vee. "It's dairy free and gut friendly. It's tasteless and it's also great for your hair, skin and nails."

That sounded AMAZING to me. In fact, we both couldn't get it out of our heads and a few months later, with the help of some wonderful business partners, Beauty Food was born.

To be honest, the collagen benefits are just the icing on the... erm, cookie. We created our range of naughty tasting but guilt free snacks with busy women like us in mind, because who needs more hangriness and guilt in their lives, right!?

They're especially good for mums who could generally do with some extra nutrients, especially if you're using up a lot of your nutrients growing another human being or finding that you're feeding everyone else but yourself.

Naturally, they're nutritionist designed and approved, with only the best ingredients. I eat them daily because they're a life saver to get me through to meal time.


Libby Babet, Co-Founder

Proudly based in Bondi, Australia.
Female founded. Because, girl power!
100% real food snack. Zero nasties.
Naturally low sugar. Nothing artificial.
Collagen per bite. Yep, per bite.
Gluten free
(and dairy free too!)

Meet Our Founders

Libby Babet, the hungry mum

Libby is a fountain of knowledge for all things health, fitness and wellness. She was the trainer for Channel TEN’s The Biggest Loser and is regularly featured in magazines and newspapers across Australia. Libby is also the founder of Bondi based training community The Upbeat. With a background as a health journalist, and as a new mum to daughter Izzy, she's incredibly passionate about finding natural ways to look after your body, inside and out, so you can live life to the fullest!


Veronika Larisova, the nutritionist

As a nutritionist, Veronika is deciated to helping people enhance their physical beauty, health and fitness, naturally, through diet. Veronika is dedicated to finding the most effective, natural, anti-ageing strategies and she'd love to study at the Institute of Antiageing Medicine someday. Her ultimate goal is to look gorgeous and feel fabulous when running a marathon on her 100th birthday!