Why we exist

As health professionals, we're passionate about helping people be their best selves. Beautiful bodies are healthy bodies, so we create delicious foods and supplements to support your health and natural beauty.

  • Proudly Australian

    Australian made and owned. Family and employee owned.

  • Made with Passion

    We're focused on healthy people and a healthy planet, not just profit.

  • Based on Science

    Formulated by health experts based on the latest research.

Why snacks and functional drinks?

The world is becoming ever more overfed and under nourished. Most ‘healthy’ snacks and drinks aren't actually that healthy and when you look closely at the back of the packet most are full of artificial crap or far too much sugar.

That's because it's hard to make tasty, affordable foods that don't have any cheap artificial ingredients and aren't full of sugar! It took us years of frustrating trials to figure it out, but we've finally created tasty, very healthy snacks and functional drinks that nutritionists and dietitians actually eat and recommend.

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Meet our Founders


    Libby Babet

    Originally from Brisbane, Libby is a mum of two, best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She's a former trainer for Channel 10's "The Biggest Loser" and fitness expert for Prevention Magazine.

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    Veronika Larisova

    Veronika grew up in Communist Czech Republic. As a Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist she's worked with Hollywood celebs, professional sporting teams and Olympic athletes.

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