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Born in Australia.

Proudly Australian made and owned. Family and employee owned.

Female founded.

And committed to supporting women in life, work and business.

Based on science.

Formulated by health experts based on the latest research.

What do you get when you mix a hungry mum with a nutritionist? Naughty tasting, guilt free snacks that squash your hunger and help you look younger!

I started Beauty Food with my friend and nutritionist Veronika Larisova, because I'm incredibly passionate about health, nutrition and body confidence. I know what it feels like to struggle with confidence and health issues.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was living my dream of being a journalist and magazine editor. You know, living a fast paced life, working hard and not really looking after myself as well as I should have been.

That is, until I started getting chronic migraines, sweats, shaking hands and extreme exhaustion. Of course, being in my early 20's I did my best to try to ignore it for months!

Luckily for me, I went to donate blood. The nurse checking my blood pressure thought her machine was broken but three machines later she figured out it wasn't the machines, it was me! My blood pressure was more than double safe levels and everyone was freaking out. They wanted to send me to hospital because I was in imminent danger of a stroke!

I ended up being diagnosed with malignant hypertension and Doctors had no idea what caused it but told me I’d be on medication for the rest of my life which would harm my liver and make it next to impossible to have kids. It also gave me terrible skin and destroyed my confidence.

After a few months of feeling sorry for myself I decided to put my journalistic research skills to work to see if there was anything else I could do. I studied nutrition and started seeing every specialist I could find, both traditional and wholistic.

Within a few years of working closely with a number of specialists and making some easy but important changes to my diet, to the complete surprise of all my doctors, I got off the blood pressure pills. This set me on my path into health and fitness, and eventually to starting Beauty Food, because the more I learned, the more I felt like I had to share that knowledge. I’m also happy to say I’m now mum to my beautiful daughter Izzy!

My key learning through this time is that diet is incredibly important for our physical health, our mental health, our energy and also our skin, hair and nails! Even more so if you're a mum because growing a human being inside of you or breastfeeding really is draining your stores of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which means you need to be on top of things.

So, Veronika and I created Beauty Food to make things that little bit easier when it comes to nutrition. When you're busy and stressed, you don't have to settle for health destroying snacks to get you through. Now, you can have something yummy and healthy that supports you from the inside out.


Libby Babet
Co-founder of Beauty Food

Our Founders.

Libby Babet

The hungry mum

Libby has over a decade of experience in health and fitness. She's been the resident fitness expert for Austereo, Women's Fitness Magazine and now Prevention Magazine. She has also had a staring role as the new trainer on Channel TEN’s The Biggest Loser. In addition to Beauty Food, Libby is the founder of Bondi based female training community The Upbeat and co-founder of Nurture Her which runs 'business meets wellness' retreats in Fiji for female business owners and senior executives. As a mum to daughter Izzy, she's incredibly passionate about finding natural ways to look after your body, inside and out.

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Veronika Larisova

The nutritionist

As a nutritionist, Veronika is dedicated to helping people enhance their physical beauty, health and fitness, naturally, through diet. Veronika is dedicated to finding the most effective, natural, anti-ageing strategies and she'd love to study at the Institute of Anti-ageing Medicine someday. Her ultimate goal is to look gorgeous and feel fabulous when running a marathon on her 100th birthday!

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