How to use it

Blend one rounded teaspoon (one 5g serve) into 240ml of water or beverage of your choice. If substituting for water, we recommend smoothies, shakes or unsweetened yoghurt. Marine collagen is heat stable and great to add to your daily tea or coffee. We do not recommend fruit juice as it is high in sugar, which can inhibit the absorption of collagen.

Most people get next to no collagen in their diet because the biggest sources of collagen are things we no longer eat a lot of (e.g. bone broth, fish stock). If your diet is low in these types of food we recommend beginning your collagen supplementation with a 30 day loading protocol.

Loading protocol
2 serves per day

Maintenance protocol
1 serve per day

Each tub contains 30 serves.

You may choose to replace a serving of collagen powder with a collagen cookie. Our nut butters are a delicious added bonus.