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Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)

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For younger looking skin, stronger hair and nails, give your body the raw materials it needs for optimum skin health. 

Our anti-aging beauty supplement containing the very best, sustainably sourced Wild Caught Bioactive Marine Collagen. With a very low molecular weight of just 2 kilodaltons (kDa), it's the most absorbable collagen available. Our unique formulation includes powerful beauty ingredients to supercharge your results.

The collagen we use is clinically proven and has been specifically formulated for firmer, more elastic and younger looking skin (less wrinkles and fine lines). It has also been proven to improve the strength and thickness of hair and nails. 

Our unique formulation includes:

  • Hyaluronic Acid, nature’s moisturiser
  • Zinc, stimulates the immune and antioxidant defences against ageing, and helps prevent UV damage
  • Silica, used for skin rejuvenation
  • Vitamin C, increases the effectiveness of collagen supplementation

Best before 10 Oct 2024

How to use it

Simply add a single serve to a glass of cool water and stir for a delicious and refreshing protein water. Or, add it to your smoothies as a protein source and blend. Being heat stable you can also add it to tea or coffee, in fact it makes a delicious berry tea if you add it to hot water by itself!

We don't recommend adding it to fruit juice as juice is very high in sugar but without the fibre which means it'll spike your blood sugar and have a negative impact on your skin health. You're far better off eating the whole fruit.

Our sachets come as a single serve, and our tubs come without a spoon to save on plastic so simply add 1 heaped teaspoon (5g).

We recommend at least 5000mg (5g) of collagen, up to 15,000mg (15g) per day. You may consume more than 15,000mg per day, but the studies do not show an additional benefit.

Nutrition Information

More about our clinically proven beauty enhancing ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid

60mg per serve

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the main components of the extracellular matrix of the skin and plays a crucial role in the skin dermis.

It is one of the most hydrophilic molecules in nature and is often described as nature’s moisturiser.

It plays a major role in conserving tissue hydration and facilitating the transport of nutrients to cells in the upper layer of the skin.

It also protects against cell damage caused by free radicals which play a key role in skin aging, through its anti-inflammatory and radical scavenging properties.


40mg per serve

Silica plays an important role in dermal structure by stimulating collagen synthesis and by activating enzymes that improve skin strength and elasticity. The supplementation of silica in a highly bioavailable form is used for skin rejuvenation.


10mg per serve (85% RDI)

Zinc is required for the activity of approximately 100 enzymes and it plays a role in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division.

A daily intake of zinc is required because the body is unable to store it. The recommended intake for females is a minimum of 8mg per day up to 40mg per day.

Zinc has many anti-aging effects, especially because it stimulates the immune and antioxidant defences against aging and age-related diseases.

The anti-aging benefits of a zinc supplement also include: cell protection against oxidative stress, prevention against aging of
the skin, prevention against UV-induced damage and reducing the incidence of cancer growths.

Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help relieve some of the redness and irritation associated with moderate-to-severe acne

Furthermore; zinc may help reduce the appearance of acne scars. It has also been used for other inflammatory skin conditions, including melasma, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema.

Vitamin C

40mg per serve (100% RDI)

Vitamin C increases the effectiveness of collagen supplementation.

It is the key cofactor for the two enzymes required for collagen synthesis: prolyl hydroxylase (to stabilize the collagen molecule) and lysyl hydroxylase (to give structural strength cross-linking).

Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)
Marine Collagen Powder (14 Sachets)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mrs V.L.
Marine collagen sachets

Good fast delivery thanx

Berry collagen

I was looking for a marine collagen that didn't have erythritol, that also tasted nice. This is quite nice, not fishy at all, it's mildly sweet with a pleasant berry flavour. I like it and will subscribe. If I see results, will continue with the subscription :)

Judy S.
Love this

Berry flavour tastes great. Easy to prepare and drink

Love it!

Can see the improvement in my skin and hair. Love the taste! Definitely recommend.

Marcela S.
Ms. Sanders

I used this product first time, however only 2 weeks, I noticed some little changes, such as; clearing my skin and relieve joint pain. When I can, I will buy it double.

Great skin starts within!

  • Nothing Fake

    No artificial thickeners, fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives, sweeteners or sugar alcohols. 

  • No Added Sugar

    Avoid all the nasty hidden sugars in your supplements, you're sweet enough already!

  • Allergen Free

    Non-allergenic, no shellfish. Safe, clean label.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If you don't love our products contact us for a free replacement or full refund.

Clinical study results after 8 weeks

  • 65%

    increased collagen in skin

  • 32%

    reduced periorbital wrinkles

  • 18%

    increased elastin in skin


How do Subscriptions work?

We wanted to make subscriptions easy and simple. If you choose the subscription option you'll get a discount and receive your order on a recurring basis every 1, 2 or 3 months. There is no minimum term so you can pause, edit or cancel at any time via your account (or you can ask us to make any changes for you). Shipping is free for subscriptions!

What's Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and a key structural component of connective tissues such as muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and ligaments and tendons. Our body produces less and less as we get older, the collagen formation in our skin decreases by around 1% each year after the age of 20 and breakdown significantly increases from the age of 40. Lower levels of collagen in the body leads to negative effects such as wrinkly, less elasticated skin and weaker tendons.

There are no plant sources of collagen, it can only be extracted from the connective tissues of animals. However, the molecules found in animal tissues are too large to be digested and absorbed by the human body so need to be broken down (by hydrolysation process) into gelatine or collagen peptides.

Gelatin = Partially Hydrolysed Collagen
The collagen is broken down to amino acid strands, making it easier to digest and more bioavailable, for example in bone broth. The more gelatine in your broth, the more jelly-like the broth is when cooled. Broth that stays watery when cool doesn’t have much gelatine in it.

Collagen Peptides = Completely Hydrolysed Collagen
The amino acid strands are hydrolysed even further and broken into individual collagen peptides, which is what you find in supplements. In this form, the collagen is easy to digest and highly bioavailable. Unlike gelatine, collagen peptides do not gel and can be dissolved in both warm and cold water. Studies have shown that more than 90% of collagen peptides are digested and available in the blood stream within one hour. The collagen peptides are then transported into the target tissues, e.g. skin, bones and cartilage, where they act as building blocks for local cells and help boost the production of new collagen fibres. This, of course depends on your digestion and some other contributing factors.

Why do we need Collagen?

Think of your skin like a sponge, if it's holding water it's full and elastic. After the age of 20 we produce around 1% less collagen each year, and even less after menopause. Less collagen means that sponge holds less water which makes it less full and less elastic.

Most people are getting next to no collagen in their diet because the biggest sources of collagen are things we no longer eat a lot of (e.g. bone broth and fish skin). Supplementing with collagen is easy because it comes as an odourless, tasteless, white powder.

How does consuming Collagen help?

Consuming collagen provides the building blocks our bodies need and has been scientifically proven to replenish our bodies' own collagen which means firmer, more elastic and younger looking skin (less wrinkles and fine lines). While our hair and nails are made from keratin, not collagen, they grow from our hair follicles and nail beds which are made of skin which is why collagen also improves the strength and thickness of hair and nails.

Does collagen supplementation work?

Yes! Collagen and gelatin has been used in food products for a very long time. We source the highest quality hydrolysed collagen proteins which are easily absorbed by your body. Check out this blog for a summary of the research including links to the studies.

What type of Collagen do we use?

We made these products for our own use too and only use the best.

For our cookies, nut butter, coffee and hot chocolate we use a beautiful grass-fed hydrolysed bovine collagen from Australia which includes Type II collagen.

For our Wild Caught Bioactive Marine Collagen Powder we use an incredibly high quality, sustainably sourced marine collagen that's certified to be free from impurities (e.g. hormones, antibiotics) and allergens (e.g. cheap, inflammatory shellfish and crustaceans). Our marine collagen is mostly Type I and III with a very low molecular weight at 2 kilodaltons (lower = more absorbable).

We recommend mixing the different sources of collagen for best results.

Why does sugar inhibit collagen absorption?

Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to collagen and elastin molecules via the glycation process, forming harmful new molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’ (AGE’s). The more sugar you eat, the more AGE’s you develop, the more collagen and elastin fibres are damaged. This 'glycation' process also transforms even the most stable and long-lasting collagen fibres into more fragile fibres. This is one of the main reasons sugar makes us age on both the inside and outside. Too many AGE’s causes the skin to wrinkle, negatively impacts the biomechanical properties of tendons and leads to gut issues (due to damage caused to the intestinal lining resulting in inflammation). If that wasn’t bad enough, sugar competes with vitamin C for space in cells due the similarities in their chemical structure. Diets which are high in sugar lead to low levels of vitamin C, thus inhibiting the formation of new collagen fibres. So watch out for supplements that are high in sugar and don’t contain vitamin C because the likelihood is, they probably won’t work!

Are our products suitable for kids?

Our cookies and nut butters are great for kids (so long as they don't have nut allergies)! Our kids love them.

Our coffee, hot chocolate and collagen powder have additional ingredients so you should seek advice from your health professional before serving it to your kids.

Are our products safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

We’re not allowed to give advice and you should always check with your doctor or health professional but there is nothing in our collagen cookies or nut butters that you would need to worry about. Some doctors might flag the camu camu in our cookies which is a berry - the reason for this is it’s high in Vitamin C and you can have too much Vitamin C, hence the general advice on camu camu. We don’t use a lot, there’s 0.16g in each cookie which is about 5mg of Vitamin C and the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is 75mg for women.

In our view, all our products are very safe and from personal experience we've found them to be great for pregnancy and breast feeding. In fact, collagen is a fantastic supplement for mums who are growing human beings.

Our collagen coffee, hot chocolate and powder contains other ingredients besides collagen that you should check with your doctor before use.

Are our products keto friendly?

Yes! We don't market them as a "keto" product because strict ketosis followers might have an issue with the small amount of maple syrup in them (which is negligible, contributing <0.5g of sugar per cookie) but we have designed the cookies and nut butters in consultation with nutritionists and keto experts who have confirmed they very much qualify as, and are recommended by those experts as, keto friendly.

Are our products suitable for Diabetics?

We can't give you that advice so you need to speak with your dietician but we have had feedback from dieticians that all our products are suitable for diabetics.

Are our products free from gluten, soy and vegetable oils?

Yes! All our products are free from these inflammatory ingredients because even if don't have an intolerance they can negatively impact your health and your skin.

Do our products contain artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols like erythritol?

No. The whole reason we got started was because so many products are full of fake ingredients that are terrible for your health and your skin!

Are our products Halal?

The collagen we use is Halal but our manufacturer is not Halal certified. However, our manufacturing facility is otherwise entirely plant based so there is no opportunity for contamination which means if you're looking for Halal products you can consume our products with confidence.