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Berry Bombs

I have them every day on my fruit and yoghurt- delicious!


Tastes so good, curbs hunger you don't need desert


My son and I both love these. They taste good and the protein and collagen are so good for us

Amazing please keep it!

Please keep this great product!


Love these

Bloody Delish

I love these!! They're so yum and the greatest bite size lil treat

Not as good as the original

I won’t re purchase these, actually I probably won’t eat the ones I bought. Such a shame as I loved the originals & I was excited about trying them.


Love these 😍

Love this, tastes great and the perfect bedtime ritual with all the benefits

Awesome flavour and consistency

I have been loving to drink my hot choc anytime of the day, super creamy and flavoursome!


I simply love these 😍

Not for me...

Very odd texture and left an awful after-taste.

My go-to!

I was a big fan of the original Choc Chic Cookies, and I am absolutely loving the new chewy texture! They are my new favourite snack, I think I like them more than the original. They are super delicious and make me feel great too!


A not so naughty indulgence. One cookie really curbs the craving for a sweet treat.


I love it. Healthy and good for you.

Collagen Cookies Sampler (6 pack)
Collagen Cookies Sampler (6 pack)

Not a fan of these the only one i tried that was ok was peanut butter they have a strange flavour and texture to me.


Perfect taste & consistency.

Best Travel Cheat

Grab these and put in the overnight bag. Perfect for that evening drink after a day of travelling.

Choc Chic Cookies (14 pack)

Very nice cookie and i like the taste and texture

Starter Pack (6 sachets, 6 cookies)
Cookies and collagen

Not keen on the taste of these cookies the collagen satchels are very nice

The nicest peanut butter treat

Love this stuff! The consistency is great. Oozy gooey topping for oats, granola and cereals etc.

Choc chic cookies

Soooo good. Love the taste & the texture.

Collagen Cookies Sampler (6 pack)
Maria C.
Collagen cookies are the best

Love all the flavours but especially Choc chic - such a guilt free treat. They are satisfying on their own as a little sweet snack

Beauty in a coffee!

I am really enjoying both the taste and the results! Taste wise I enjoy frothed oat milk with it - doesn’t have that spike and low I find I get from regular coffee and my skin has kept clear even during hormonal ups and downs - which is unusual for me. Great product!

Fits perfectly in my morning routine

I don't need to add anything apart from the hot water and off I go. Everything I need to give my day a kickstart is already in there. One less thing for me to worry about in the morning and to keep track of.