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Delicious & Nutritious

What a delicious treat your chic chip cookies are. So good I could easily eat 2 at a time. My kinda of good, nutrient dense that taste so good 😋

Better package next time.

The only reason I gave 4stars was during transit it must've gotten squashed/thrown and beaten up by the freight people because all my cookies got crushed. But other than that, it's still delicious to eat. Will definitely buy again.

Hi Maria, thanks so much for the feedback! We'll be in touch to organise a free replacement too!

Perfect size

Just love these little bars; rich and delicious - perfect for my handbag and a lifesaver when one needs a nutritious snack 😍


Tastes amazing & all healthy ingredients

So delish!

All flavours were so yum!

Really Yummy!

Anything peanut butter flavoured is my absolute favourite, especially these peanut butter bites which aren't overly sweet.

My new fave snack!

I absolutely love these cookies. They’re so delicious it’s hard to believe they’re actually good for you! I love the crumbly, cookie texture too. These have become my go-to mid morning snack and they keep me feeling full until the afternoon

Delish morsles of goodness!!

The Beauty food cookie treats are and a clean, healthy and delicious snack. My favourite flavour would be the Peanut nutter and Berry however my son loves the crumbliness of the Choc chic. They are a great addition to afternoon snacks for him as well with no refined sugars or nasty ingredients. Yum!

The best Xmas gift for my girlfriends!!!!

Guess what all my girls are getting for Xmas!!! Love the packaging design. Looks very luxurious. No more garbage gift boxes full of sugary stuff!!!

The best one-stop-shop for hair, skin and nails.

I love that I don't have to take so many different supplements now that I have it all in one product. Literally everything that I would take for hair, skin, nails and antiaging.

Better than Nutella!

I love this!! It tastes better than nutella but it has nearly no sugar and no unhealthy ingredients!!! It's a winner! I made the best brownies from it.

The best nut butter ever!!!

OMG!!! This is the bomb! I normally don't like berry flavored foods but this is super delicious! I haven't tasted anything like this before!!! I also love that it's liquidy at a room temperature and I can use it as a topping for pancakes, icecream, cereal etc and when I leave it in the fridge it becomes the perfect spreadable consistency for my toast.

Best quality! I’m adding it to everything

Seriously supreme

Cutest gift ever

This is the best gift for health nuts! No pun intended. X

Didn’t know peanut butter could get better until this!

I love nut butters, but with added collagen, you won me over!

Unusual and so delicious!

This is the most original and exciting nut butter I’ve ever tried! The flavour is to die for!

Delicious and addictive

I love the new flavour! It reminds me of a cookie I had as a kid. It's very unique and delicious. I highly recommend! They are very addictive too, I crave these healthy treats in the afternoon. I will be ordering every month for sure.


Already reordered - love the flavours. Berry is my favourite!!


The combination of berry and nuts is unexpectedly delicious! I mainly eat it and with celery which is so yummy. Only downside, the spread is quite runny.

Thanks for the feedback Leah! Yes it's a runny nut butter, particularly with the warmer weather which happens with natural butters without artificial emulsifiers, but we have designed them to be like that as it's better for drizzling and dipping. If you prefer a thicker, creamier butter all you need to do is put the jar in the fridge (they don't go too hard like other nut butters can). So, best of both worlds!


I thought I may as well add the berry bomb to my order just for the sake of it and wasn’t expecting too much. I was not expecting it to be my favourite. It is unbelievably good. It’s like cookie dough and boysenberry ice cream but without the guilt (unless you eat the entire jar in one sitting which I could have done but then I would have been sad that there was no more left)

Thanks Alex!! xx

Cookies Sampler (6 pack)
Smaller than I thought

They were smaller than I thought, nice with a coffee but not what I thought I would get

Love it before a workout

Delicious snack.


Love love love! It feels like a treat but is actually full of natural and nourishing ingredients. The protein hit gets me through those afternoon hunger pangs and the choc flavour satisfies my sweet tooth. 10/10!

Cookies Sampler (6 pack)

I bought choc chic and peanut nutter. These tasted amazing and great nutritional profile. Will definitely purchase again.

Choc Chic Cookies (14 pack)