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Love these cookies. Not only yummy but good for you.

Totally Addictive

I absolutely love berry bombshell cookies, the taste, the texture and they even smell too good to eat. I think I am totally addicted to them and will need to order more soon ❤️

No choc chips

I’ve been getting these on a subscription and really enjoyed them but the last box I had, every single cookie had zero choc chips in them. None at all. Pretty disappointing. Hopefully just a dodgy box or I’ll be canceling my future orders

😋 delicious


So good, love it, difficult to stop on one!

Collagen Cookies are yum!

These are delicious and a guilt free healthy snack/treat. My favourite is the peanut butter!!

Berry bombshell cookies

Absolutely love these cookies and have recommended them to many if my wrk colleagues as they have been curious to what these little packages of goodness were. I just keep ordering as im addicted. 👍😊


We love them in our house. We will definitely order them again.


Loved the berry collagen cookies and nut butter. Thank you!

Berry bombshell cookies

My partner and I really enjoyed these..the only negative thing I have to say is that they’re a bit too sweet for me..but my partner didn’t thinks so!

Love this cookie

Quick breakfast

I would have one with coffee for a light breakfast and I enjoyed them. I would buy again

Addictive little morsels

To be honest, I haven't tried the peanut ones yet. I get cold sores when I eat peanuts, so I've given them away. The Choc Chic are nice, but the berry ones - ooh yum! They are addictive little morsels. I'll buy the Berry on it's own, for sure. I hope you'll do almond or another nut instead of peanuts one day.

A little indulgence keeps me on track

I love my little choc chic cookies and always make sure I have some in my office drawer. This helps me avoid the nutrient devoid ‘treats’ that others bring into work that set of my sensitive tummy. Yesterday it was donuts!

Great product - Subscriptions not fair.

I absolutely loved your products and would like to buy more but at your subscription price. I think it is extremely unfair that you insist on get monthly automatic orders just to get the cheaper price. Firstly I would reorder when needed, and would like to be able to change it regularly. I would like to hear back regarding my concerns before I order more stock. You need to cater for ALL your customers not just the ones who have the money to commit to your monthly ordering.

Thanks Sue Dusting

Hi Sue, thank you so much for your feedback and for letting us know your perspective on subscriptions! The reason subscriptions are significantly cheaper is because, on average, customers on subscription spend more with us so it's essentially a volume discount. We also don't spend money on advertising for subscription customers so we can pass that saving along to our customers.

I have just made a change now though so that you can get the same discount subscribing to receive a box every 2 or 3 months instead of just every month. Hopefully that'll work better for you and note that there is no minimum time period so you will be able to cancel, pause or edit your order at any time. I hope that helps!

Best treats

I love these little cookies they taste really good and they are a perfect snack after a hard gym session

Great taste and great snack

One of my favourite ways to boost my collagen intake every single day!

This nut butter is next level- I LOVE IT! The fact that it helps me get my daily collagen intake up is a bonus to how amazing it tastes- I could eat it by the spoonful! I love it on toast in the mornings and also in yogurt or chia pudding for my 3pm snack.

Bite sized beauties

Love these cookies just the right size to knock those 3pm cravings on the head. They’re great for your skin and health too.

Love them, but expensive

Would be great if they were in supermarkets to at least cut the cost of postage down. I would but then more regularly if they were either a bit cheaper online or if they were in major supermarkets to pick them up with regular shops


The cookies helped to feel satisfied, but I have to admit I put some of the berry peanut butter on them to make them abit sweeter… it says more about me than the cookie 😊


Such a treat to have a healthy snack when I feel like having a cookie.

Great Aussie Product

Love the Berry Bombshell Cookies after receiving a sample. The texture is great and I love it is chewy allows me to enjoy and nourish each bite. Great flavour and knowing it is all natural is a plus.

Beautiful inside out

The healthy and good taste are beautifully delivered on each bites of this cookie. I really enjoyed it. My fave is peanut butter.

Beauty food ... just Beautiful 🤩

Loved the peanut and berry collagen cookies my favourite... the chocolate chip not as yummy.
The peanut nutter butter also great smooth and delicious 😋 😊