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It was ok

It was ok, not exactly how I thought it would taste but the speed of service was good.

Too good

I can’t even describe the taste it’s like a strawberry wafer


Delicious! Highly recommend!


So yum I had to stop myself from eating more than one at each sitting

Love them!!

I absolutely love these cookies. I have one each day for my afternoon tea snack. Keeps my cravings at bay whilst getting my collagen boost!

So tasty

I am so happy with my new snack option. So tasty and hits the spot during the afternoon pick-me-up hour.


My new favourite health snack. Tastes like I am cheating on my diet without the nasties. Will be ordering more!


I’m so so addicted to these, I have them on subscription for a box every three weeks but I’ve just added in a second box because they are so good that I have been having more than one per day... should also add, I had these leading up to my wedding day and my skin had never looked better

Sweet treat

Although I don’t love this as much as the other two nut butters, I still find it delicious and sweet.

Unfortunately all crumbled

Taste delicious but unfortunately my box of peanut cookies have been all crumbled so far. I’ve had about 1/2 box or so. I can eat about half cookie or less and thrown the rest as fine crumble. I can understand they would crumble easy due to the consistency but would indicate need to be shipped with more padding.

The Best!

The Berry Bombshell Nut Butter is AMAZING! I have been eating it by the spoonful and even dipping it into sticks of celery (odd I know however it works in a weird way)

A huge fan!

Loved everything about this purchase!
The quick and efficient delivery, the beautiful packaging and the absolutely delicious nut butters! Healthy and delicious. Couldn’t recommend these products highly enough. Will definitely purchase again

Not to sweet, perfect!

Can’t rate this product high enough. I’m so in love with Choc Chic nut butter and have since ordered myself more and sent some to my sister. I thought being chocolate it would be rather sweet but it’s not at all. It’s perfectly nutty and deliciously satisfying for those nagging cravings.

Berry Bombshell Cookies (14 pack)

Easily my fave!

To be honest I'm hooked on the full suite of nut butters... but this one's my absolute (and unexpected) fave!

So yuuumy on banana with peanut butter 💯

Nut Butters

Absolutely LOVE these nut butters! The taste just bursts flavour all over your taste buds! Being a personal trainer who is constantly recommending nutrition ideas to my clients, these butters and biscuits are always amongst the top of my list of recommendations as they are full of goodness! Love them as a dip or a drizzle over fruit salad or a paste on GF toast when kept in the fridge.

Sample pack and butters

Big fan of the peanut butter flavours, not so much the other 2 when I thought it would be the other way Around

Can I eat it all... one sitting? The Berry Bombshell Nut Butter is my evening treat. I can't believe it's good for you. Also a fan of the peanut nutter cookies - they're like melting moments! I have to hide them from my kids.


If I could give this product 50 stars I would! What can I say, I'm hooked!

Nut butter

It was delicious. Jar wasn’t big enough😃

The Best

Oh I am soooo glad I subscribed!!! These little bombs are just so tasty and good. They are an extension of my daily vitamins!!

So good!

I was so pleasantly surprised by the flavour of this spread! It doesn’t taste artificial like many other ‘healthy’ chocolate spreads, and I shared it with my toddler who loved it as much as I did. Highly recommended and I will be buying more for me and for my friends.


This is the best nut butter I have ever had! It is absolutely out of this world! It has the perfect amount of crunch and sweetness and I can’t stop eating it! The fact that it is also good for my hair skin and nails is amazing! I’m absolutely in love

Too good not to write a review

I never write reviews on products. But omg these are worthy of spreading how bloody good they taste. Wow 😮