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Best of the best!

Theses taste soooo good you will never miss a day in having one. Absolutely delicious and a very filling snack! Healthy snacks NEVER tasted this good.

Delicious little snack

Peanut Nutter Collagen Cookies are an absolutely delicious little snack, perfect to take to work or pop in your bag for a day out and they are low in sugar and carbs. I'm not keen on packaged snacks and get sick of most things quite quickly but I will never get sick of these.


All flavours are delicious but chocolate is my favourite. However my recent delivery I received the round ones and I prefer the rectangular ones way more.

Seriously delicious

OMG these are so good. I kept having trouble with slumping late afternoons, and introducing these as a protein snack has made all the difference. And I completely LOVE the...well, maybe not a cookie, but maybe closer to a fudgy treat.

Delicious & Nutritious

Yumm .. love these cookies, so good knowing they are a boost to my health, topping up my protein with the benefits of collagen. My new afternoon snack, now a staple in my handbag helping me avoid last minute not so healthy snacks. The choc chip is my favourite ☺️


Completely obsessed with the BF nut butters - especially the Berry Bombshell & Choc Chic flavours. Addictive, in a good way!

Perfect snack

My 6yo and I have been long time fans of the choc chic cookie, so we tried the sampler to taste the others and were not disappointed. The new texture is excellent and easy to eat on the go. The berry cookie gave a little hit of sweetness my daughter loved while my pick was the slight saltiness of the peanut. Awesome snack to throw in your bag when you’re on the go.

Peanut Butter Cookies

I am not a fan of peanut butter spread ; but these little beauties are irresistible!! Yum yum yummo !! Apart from the taste, I have noticed that my nails and hair are both stronger and healthier looking.

Choc Chic Nut Butter

Starter Pack
Johanna G.
Sooo delicious!

The Berry Bombshell and Choc Chic nut butters are my fave! Sooo delicious! I started with the Starter pack, then immediately ordered more after trying it. My new guilt-free addiction!

Peanut Nutter Cookies (14 pack)

Starter Pack
corinne l.

Starter Pack

Choc Chic Cookies (14 pack)

BERRY good 😊

Reminds me of a childhood cereal so makes me love it even more, but seriously so delicious and such a quick and easy snack for in between meals ❤️

Peanut Butter awesomeness!!

The peanut butter collagen cookies are next level delicious. Not sweet great texture great taste


Don’t let the few bites size of these fool you. They’re rich and yummy and hit the spot


They are so delicious ordering some more right now


Too good to stop at just one cookie!

Ah May Zing!

We got the Peanut nutter cookies and they are the absolute best snack ever

Love them!

These are so yummy. I have one in the mornings for a snack to get me through to lunch.

my new afternoon tea treat

i love these. i did prefer the previous recipe but these are still yum

Are they getting sweeter?

I love these cookies because they are not too sweet. The last two delivery I have found them a little different. I still like them but not as much as the original recipe. Am I imagining a change in recipe. Also they runout too quickly 😉

Collagen Cookies

These are so yum, they have become my favourite thing to eat instead of muesli bars, and they are perfect to take out with you for a healthy snack


Do yourself a favour - this is addictive